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What locations are available for students interested in Tuft University's study abroad? How do I get started?


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You can also see what Tufts students reported about their study abroad experience by checking out their education abroad reviews:

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The Tufts website (see here) has this to say about study abroad opportunities offered by the school:

"Tufts University has been offering study abroad programs for four decades, and at present offers its own programs for juniors and seniors to study in Chile, China, Ghana, Hong Kong, Japan, London, Madrid/Alcalá, Oxford, Paris, and Tübingen, Germany. Students may also choose from hundreds of approved programs run by non-Tufts providers."

If you are currently a student at Tufts, there are three basic steps to get started with a study abroad opportunity. These are outlined on the website. Here's a summary:

  • Step one: Attend one session of the mandatory General Information Meeting, which outlines the process of studying abroad for a semester or year.
  • Step two: Familiarize yourself with the policies and procedures for studying abroad at Tufts, and then research approved programs.
  • Step three: Discuss your study abroad plans with your major advisor and begin the application process.

If you are not currently a student at Tufts but you are a student at another school, there are two basic steps. Here's a summary:

  • Step one: Browse the Tufts website for basic information on their Tufts Programs Abroad. (Feel free to contact Melanie Armstrong for more information.)
  • Step two: Discuss your interest in their programs with the study abroad office on your campus to determine if participation would be approved by your home institution.

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