How do I switch into a career in teaching?

I am an educator with a bachelors degree. I have a higher diploma in education and have taken honors courses in psychology at the University of Fort Hare, SA. I want to change my career as a teacher. I would like to become an educational psychologist, or work in some other related field. I would like to live in the U.S. while I am studying. What steps can I take to accomplish these goals?


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Hmm, a tough question. I can't quite tell whether you're saying that you currently are a teacher and would like to switch to a field like educational psychology, or if you're saying that you would like to become either a teacher or an educational psychologist.

If you're particularly interested in studying at University of North Carolina Wilmington Graduate School, then I would recommend visiting the Psychology Department's page. Specifically, you may want to contact Michael Bradley, Ed.D. at with questions about the field of educational psychology.

Additionally, this list of educational psychology grad programs might help you pick an institution to get a terminal degree in the field. All of the schools listed are domestic. If you choose to pursue a a graduate degree, you will also be able to use the career services office at your school to get help with finding a job.

If you would like to teach and you already have a bachelors in education, then you should look into the licensing and certification requirements for the state in which you hope to work. In North Carolina, you aren't required to have a master's degree, but it raises your annual salary by 3 to 5 thousand dollars and presumably improves your chances of being hired.

Hopefully this provides you with some resources. If I've misunderstood or incompletely answered your question, feel free to write back with a follow up!

Best of luck!

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