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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Bard College?


Anonymous, Student, Bard College, Class of 2016

Freshmen and sophomore year begin with going out just to be out and social, always meeting new people and being very interested in gaining memories with them through different activities. By junior year, you've found a niche and you have a group of friends that are pretty reliable to always have a good time, whether that's at a raging party or playing cards until 3am and eating cheetos in the basement of someone's dorm, although by junior year it is most likely to be the latter. The fun had during senior year is different than any other year because you're older and wiser and have probably started thinking about paying bills, if you're not already paying them. So, your fun during your last year will probably consist of applying for scholarships online at work or binge watching your favorite show on Netflix in your pajamas on a Friday night while you hear the freshmen and sophomores being somewhat uselessly social outside and the junior play cards and drink beers in the basement. Even though the activity for fun has become low key by this year, the satisfaction gained surpasses anything else in that moment.

Anonymous, Student, Bard College, Class of 2016

Grad students don't have a lot of time for fun, but... 1) Happy hour at Two Boots if time is short 2) House party if we somehow have the time 3) Hiking in the Catskills if we need some fresh air

Anonymous, Student, Bard College, Class of 2018

be strange and idiosyncratic characters, smoke an unhealthy number of cigarettes, philosophize about society

Anonymous, Student, Bard College, Class of 2014

  1. Hang out at the Old Gym and listen to punk music
  2. Argue about the patriarchy while smoking cigarettes
  3. Smoke pot and walk in the woods Bonus: When I was there there was this thing called "Fu and 40s" on friday nights where people would watch kung fu movies in the movie theater and drink 40s.

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