How does USF's MBA program compare against Golden Gate University's?


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First, a disclaimer: my direct knowledge of these two institutions is virtually non-existent, and my answer is based on available data plus good general advice.

It's hard to measure two MBA programs against each other without knowing more about a particular candidate's needs. Broadly speaking, I'd say that a student who wants a traditional MBA (that is, a 2-year, full-time program that allows for a wide range of concentrations and functions as a career stepping stone) will probably find USF to be the better option. It's more selective and has a higher percentage of full-time students.

That said, Golden Gate University, where 80% of the students are part-time, might well be better at meeting the needs of a part-time student.

A good deal of the evaluation comes down to your needs: find out about the percentage of students who find employment with an MBA from each program. USF graduates have an average income of only $69,353 and only 51.3% of their graduates have jobs upon completing their degrees, so it's important to make sure that USF has strong networks in the industry you wish to work in if you want to take the time and spend the money to get an MBA there. Golden Gate University has no published outcomes data that I can find, which makes it difficult to compare, though in my experience, schools without published outcomes data tend to have poor outcomes.

The bottom line is this: look at what you want to get from the B-School experience, and formulate the right questions to ask of both USF and GGU. Keep in mind the tremendous cost, both in dollars spent and in dollars not earned, of getting an MBA and make sure any program you attend has the network to make it probably that your investment will pay off.

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