I am looking for top pharmacy schools. Is Albany College of Pharmacy and Health’s pharmacy program competitive?


Don Osborne, Medical School Admissions Consultant; I'm also an adjunct faculty member at Concordia University

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Take a look at the US News education section. Search in graduate school, then pharmacy. You'll find a list of pharmacy school rankings. Albany is tied for 58 as of this writing.

Be careful about rankings. Pharmacy schools in the U.S. are excellent, and in most cases your decision will be about the fit of the institution and community to what you prefer. I'd rather go to a #58 and be happy, then go to a top 5 pharm school and be miserable.

Adam Tekeoglu, Noodle Researcher

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The pharmacy program can be very difficult since everyone is trying to do there best. I would just recommend you be organized and use your time wisely, otherwise you can be swamped with loads of work!

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