does the school have a variety of curriculum activity?


Anonymous, Parent

Medgar Evers College Preparatory School is a demanding and rigorous 6th-12th grade public school. It has very strong math, science, and technology classes, and students in 6th-9th grades attend a 3-week summer session to give them a jump on their studies. It offers 20 Advanced Placement classes and requires students to take at least one to graduate. The school also offers a range of foreign languages, including Mandarin (this is especially noteworthy when so many schools are cutting back to just one foreign language). It is working on strengthening its humanities programs after learning that some of its graduates did not feel as well prepared for college work in this area as they did in math and science. Its arts offerings are not as extensive as other departments, though it does have a strong dance program. Most of its graduates go to colleges that range from local institutions to Ivy League universities. This is a school to seriously consider if you're interested in an accelerated, demanding program provided by educators who know and care about you.

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