What was your experience at Clarkson University?


Marcy Petroccione, Clarkson Alum '07

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The boring stuff :book:: Being an engineering school, my Communications & Media degree was pretty heavy in technology. The classes were a mix of web design/development, video creation/editing, and popular media exploration. The major was new my junior year (previously Technical Communications) and the passionate teachers and students created the curriculum as they went. I was lucky to have a great adviser who lead me through the mishmash of career choices, helping me to land a job as a junior web developer out of graduation. I imagine the major has solidified more over the past six years.

The fun stuff :beer:: For a bunch of nerds (geeks?), the students were a pretty fun bunch. There was a (pretty crappy) division 1 hockey team which brought in some cute dumb boys and business majors. I think bc the college is in a small town (or maybe just bc it's college) it was easy to meet people and everyone was very friendly. It didn't hurt that there were three major colleges within 10 miles. On campus, there were apartments which had a lot of parties. Off campus there were a few fraternities (and a sorority or two), complete with all the frat-goodness/badness. Everyone ended up at the same bar at the end of the night and danced and hung out till closing, when they would then go to the same pizza place or an after party.

Charles Walker, SEO optimization

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