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does it have rotc program?


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Irvin High School is located in northeast El Paso one block from Dyer Street. The JROTC classrooms are in the second floor of Irvin's Tony Shaw Stadium. The JROTC program has cadets in 9th through 12th grades and with first year cadets, LET (Leadership, Education, and Training) 1s through LET 4s. Cadets first come into the program in all high school grades. JROTC is NOT a recruiting program for any military service. There is a JROTC emphasis on staying in school, passing classes, graduating high school, and becoming productive in the local community or the community beyond El Paso through further education or finding work.

Irvin High school has several JROTC Teams:

  • Irvin JROTC Cyber Patriot Team
  • Irvin JROTC Armed Drill Team
  • Irvin JROTC Rifle Team
  • Irvin JROTC Unarmed Drill Team
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They do - you can find more information here:

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