What was your experience at Harvard University Graduate School of Education?


Sehreen, Attended 2005-2006

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HGSE ('hug-zee'), as this school is fondly called, is fully dedicated to idea of learning and teaching. This commitment is felt through the classes that are offered; the research students are able to pursue; and the faculty it attracts. I was in the International Education Policy program, which I felt did not get the attention it deserved. They had lost some faculty to Teacher's College the year before and my intended research got derailed because of it. Luckily, it's pretty easy to cross-register at the Kennedy School so I could take other internationally-focused classes. HGSE's other programs are steller: Mind, Brain and Education; Education Policy & Management; School Leadership, etc. Other things that I loved about HGSE were my peers (really amazing, mission-driven people), the libraries, the exposure to Harvard's resources (museums, talks, etc.), and the fact that the EdM was only a year long. What I didn't like was that HGSE is treated as the step-child of Harvard by other Harvard students; how 'brand conscious' the campus feels; and HGSE's lack of a strong alumni program.

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