why is the video for allen and roth closet assembly marked private? where can I find a you tube or other video on assembling and installing this product?


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This link seems to have a working video: http://videopediaworld.com/video/80969/How-to-Install-a-Wood-Closet-Kit-ITEM-0102967-by-allenroth-

A few quick tips from working on similar Lowes and Home Depot kits:

Check to see if all the parts are in the box before you start drilling or cutting anything! Parts are missing from time to time, and you don't want to find out if it is too late.

Also, make sure the piece that gets screwed to the wall is perfectly level, and attached firmly to studs in the wall. If you don't have a level, measuring equal distances up from the floor at several locations can work (as long as the floor is level!) Making sure the you screw to studs is key, or else the whole set can come crashing down.

Finally, like every high school wood shop teacher will tell you, measure twice cut once!

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