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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Centenary College?


Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2016

The college holds different activities for the students every weekend such as movie night, dance night, etc., and they always turn out to be so much better than we even plan for. Because it is such a small school, most of us all know each other so it is a usual activity for us to go to all the school sporting events together and pump up the team. We always go to the extreme decorating and planning for the games. And lastly, the most fun thing of all is when we get together and tell ghost stories. There are many old scary stories about the school itself and the area we live in. Not only does it give us a thrill but it makes us really have fun and let go.

Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2017

Students attend programs in the Student Activity Center, explore the town of Hackettstown where the college is located, and (in good weather) exercise/play games in and around the campus.

Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2018

Attend sporting events such as lacrosse and basketball games, go to events such as cupcake decorating or movie premiers, and going out to local restaurants.

Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2018

My school is very small therefore students have to be more creative in order to have fun. Things aren't just placed out for us. One of the most common things to do to have fun is play a sport. This is challenging to do while also going to school but everyone who participates has so much fun and accomplishment. Another really fun thing to do around school is hangout with all of your friends and dorm-mates. This allows for everyone to bond with each other and have fun in groups. The last thing my school does to ensure we have fun is set up little events such as concerts, live comedies, getting tickets to sporting events, going to New York City, and even make up cool events such as make your own stress ball.

Anonymous, Student, Centenary College, Class of 2018

Many students at Centenary College attend the school for being involved in Equestrian Studies. Many of them on their free time will go to our state of the art barn and go Horse Riding! Many students perform in Horse shows during the season and thousands come to watch! Being a student in a small town has very little to do, most of the time we are on campus and enjoy each others company or go to the many campus events that are held! Our school also has weekend trips to go paintballing, to New York City, seeing broadway shows all at a discounted rate for us students!

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