What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Princeton University?


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It's financial aid is killer. College these days isn't affordable, but Princeton helps you with that. On top of that, there is a good amount of funding available for you to study non-traditional subjects or go abroad if you are willing to look a bit for it.

Diversity of interests. Yes, a good portion end up going into banking/consulting, but as an engineer who was choosing between Princeton and MIT, I constantly am thankful for choosing Princeton because of the diversity of the student body when it comes to personalities and extracurricular interests. If I want to talk tech, there is a crowd for that. If I want to be challenged in my perspectives on literary, social, political issues, there are people I love to talk to about that. Princeton has a crowd for anyone.

It's pretty and quiet. It's not nearly as interesting as living in the city to be sure, but during the semester, I need all the help I can get to focus, and the town is good for that. Plus there are free or cheap tickets organized by the residential colleges to see Broadway shows if you are interested in going into the city!

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There is only one reason - this university is the best!

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Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

1) You've been accepted. 2) The resources are astronomical. Our endowment is the highest per student in the US. 3) Financial aid covers 100% of need.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2019

Undergraduate focus, professors are committed to teaching undergraduates. Great financial aid, large endowment allows for generous aid pacakges Wonderful opportunities for students in terms of courses, research, study abroad, career services, etc.

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

  • The student body is generally small, and undergraduates outnumber graduate students by about 2:1, meaning that focus is largely placed on students working toward their bachelor's degree.
  • Generous, no-loan financial aid will likely make Princeton your most affordable option among peer schools.
  • Princeton has an unparalleled level of tradition and history, and its strong, generous alumni network is a testament to the loyalty the university instills in its students for a lifetime.
Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

The academics are amazing at Princeton. Every class I've taken has been interesting and well-taught. You get education from top-notch professors. There is always something to do!

Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2017

  1. The people: everyone is so diverse and comes from all over the world--and they're all just as motivated and driven. Conversations can last for hours about anything from quantum mechanics to oil prices.
  2. It's a small liberal arts college with the resources of a large research university. Princeton is good at everything--you have the opportunity to pursue whatever you want and can't just specialize in one thing. At the same time, it has the advantage of having the resources to support worldclass research that undergraduates frequently contribute to.
  3. Networking--if you want to see the world, there are kajillions of study abroad opportunities. There are Princeton-sponsored internships (abroad and in the US), and the alumni network will help you find anything, even housing in, say, France. Over all the breaks there are community service projects and "princeternships" where you meet people who are useful for future careers. Networking at/through Princeton will get you a job; the academic/social/work ethic competence you learn at Princeton will help you keep it.
Anonymous, Student, Princeton University, Class of 2018

To be pushed to new levels (new levels and in different ways than you could never get at any other University) To be around students of different interests To do things that you have always wanted to do (more than other universities, Princeton is very supportive of the students that go there and WILL MAKE ANY PROJECT possible for you)..loads of money is devoted to each student, loads of resources are made available to foster a creative environment for the student.

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