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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Piedmont College?


Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2019

Go to sporting events. Everyone at piedmont is very supportive of our sports teams. We also climb the new rock wall in our brand new commons since the new commons opened we have a ton of new things open to us such as new weight room, yoga classes, racket ball courts and a brand new gym! Also, we love to go to school formals. It's so much fun to get all dressed up and go out with friends, dance, and just have a great time!

Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2017

There are so many fun things that students do at Piedmont College but one popular activity is hike all of the wonderful trails. We are so close to the North Georgia Mountains and we take advantage of that. The movies and bowling ally are 10 minutes from campus and so we spend a lot of time there catching up on the latest films and getting strikes. The most fun activity that we do though is go up to Helen and take part in all of the fun activities they have going on.

Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2018

For fun, students at Piedmont like to go support the Lions at sporting events, get involved by joining a club, and spend time outside when the weather is nice.

Anonymous, Student, Piedmont College, Class of 2018

At Piedmont College, students enjoy a variety of activities. The Campus Activities Board (CAB) schedules fun events throughout the year to keep students involved while having a great time. This past semester, the most fun event was Bubble Soccer. Students wore a giant inflated bubble while playing soccer. This allowed them to run into each other and knock each other down while trying to score a goal. So fun! Another fun event was the zip line that they had brought to the campus. Students were strapped in and sent flying down the line! One unexpected and unusual event that was a big hit was the petting zoo brought to campus. Who knew college students could still be completely enthralled by something to simple and fun!

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