If I want to work at a tech startup, is getting an MBA worth it (if I don't want to be a developer)?


Jessica Burlingame, Senior Admissions Consultant, The MBA Exchange®

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What type of post-MBA role, and long-term career, do you envision forging in the tech space? Almost every individual's decision to pursue an MBA (or not) is grounded in specific professional ambitions. Some roles that you could take on in the tech world (business development, for example) are directly supported by the training and network associated with a top MBA, some less so.

Regarding Booth specifically, more data regarding graduates' postgrad employment is available here: http://www.chicagobooth.edu/corp/hire-students/recruiting-tools/employment-reports. Reviewing this data, as well as that made available online by most other programs, will give you more insight into hiring patterns at different schools, and potentially to if and where you ultimately want to pursue your degree.

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