What was your experience at Teachers College at Columbia University Graduate School?


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There are a few online review sites which gather information on student experiences. These are especially helpful when it's hard to get in touch with alumni and currently enrolled students.

Here is one review of this school, which may help paint a picture of what going to this school might be like:

"In some ways, having a graduate degree has actually hurt me in this economy because I have heard from some employers that I am "overqualified" for certain jobs, even if I sincerely want said jobs. I invested a lot of time and money into my education at TC, most of it by way of expensive loans because TC lacks funding for its students. Because everyone is a graduate student at TC, the T.A. opportunities are almost exclusively limited to Ph.D. students. It was also rumored that TC upped the percentages of actual minority students on campus to make itself sound better and more diverse to prospective students and donors. A lot of students at TC were really apathetic when it came to getting involved in campus organizations.

On a positive note, the faculty in my program at TC were very supportive and frequently available to meet with me. Some of the school administrators were also very helpful. The school has a pretty good reputation in terms of name recognizability (mostly because it is connected to Columbia). There were perks in terms of being able to access the wider resources on the main Columbia University campus. Looking back, I'm not sure if I would do it all over again." (Get more information about this school on StudentsReview.com.)

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