What are the Brandeis dorms like?


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There are several styles of dorms, most on campus, with a couple close by, off campus. The on campus dorms are: Massell and North (the two freshman quads,) East, Rosie, The Village, Ziv, Ridgewood, and the Castle. The off campus dorms are Charles River apartments, 567 apartments, and Mods. Freshman can live in Massell or North. Sophomores can live in the freshman quads, East, Rosie, and the Village. Juniors can live in the Village, Ziv, Ridgewood, or Charles River. Seniors can live in all of the same places as juniors except for the Village, they can also live in the Mods. The dorms with singles, doubles, and triples are Massell, North, East, and the Village. The rest are apartment or suit style dorms, ranging from 2 to 6 person suits. The freshman dorms can be a bit cramped if you’re in a triple, but overall the dorms are pretty nice and more of them are being renovated each year. There are kitchen and laundry facilities in each dorm or close by for all of the dorms. All of them are heated and some of the newer ones have air conditioning. They also all have lounge areas and the freshmen ones have televisions and some games like pool or foosball. There are also several, like East and Rosie, which have exercise rooms. Housing overview

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