What was a typical James Sprunt Community College student like in high school? Describe the type of person that should attend James Sprunt Community College.


Anonymous, Student, James Sprunt Community College, Class of 2015

Typical James Sprunt students were high school students who seemed to be in cliches or have their own social group. An example is how there were a group of freshmen college students who all had no girlfriends and played fantasy card games like Yu-Gi-Oh!; these people would fit into the traditional "nerd" cliche. The kind of person who should attend James Sprunt Community College, however, is a student who takes their work seriously and knows how to manage schoolwork. Some classes might only have the student take notes and write a paper, but in others there are hands-on activities and homework involved. The person who should attend James Sprunt should also be great at multitasking and not procrastinate.

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