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Describe the type of student who should attend Sierra College. Why?



Because that's the one I can berly afford right now and the scholarship will help me out. It will not just help me out but it will help out my parents. It lets me not have to worry. I would get some classes done. It will make me happy if I get this.

Anonymous, Student, Sierra College, Class of 2018

Sierra College is the best community college in my hometown area. Community colleges are great for people in many different situations. I work with people who go to Sierra to learn about the world and gain knowledge and understanding. I have friends who cannot afford to go to a 4-year university but want job training and preparation for the world, and so community college close to home is right for them. For myself and many of my friends, Sierra College is an excellent way to get general education classes completed before transferring to a 4-year. I personally plan to transfer to San Diego State University in Fall 2016. No matter their path, however, anyone who attends Sierra College should be hardworking and dedicated to learning all material covered in classes, as it not only prepares students for further classes but also for the world we live in.

Anonymous, Student, Sierra College, Class of 2017

Any type of student should attend because sierra has something to offer everyone. Its programs offer so much help for any student in need. Weather it be financial aid, tutoring or special needs help sierra college has is covered. It truly is a school based solely on wanting to help students succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Sierra College, Class of 2016

A student who enjoys being involved on campus should attend Sierra College. Sierra College has a number of student clubs to join and there is always an event to attend. When I was a freshman, I wanted to dedicate all of my attention to my schoolwork and vowed to not get distracted by campus activities, but that is not the way a Sierra College student succeeds. I had to make time in between my full time job and full time classes to become involved on campus. Being a well-rounded student at Sierra College is a fun experience where lots of friends and relationships are made, while still getting great grades. The student who should attend Sierra College is yearning for a chance to be part of a movement while getting the best education in Placer County.

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