Describe the type of student who should attend Carroll University. Why?



A student who is dedicated to learning and wants to get the most out of their education is a student who should attend Carroll University.


If you are an ambitious student, looking for a small (but not too small) school in a big (but not too big) suburb of a major hub in the midwest, Carroll might be for you. It is the oldest college in Wisconsin, dating back two years before it was even a state, and is steeped with history and excellence. Carroll has a family feel (our 90 year old lunch lady, Gert, being campus grandma, of course) that sets up every student for unique success. Known for its health sciences, Carroll is the perfect place to come to study anything in the medical field, while still being a liberal arts school that encourages students to explore all aspects of academia to create a well rounded graduate. If you're a student who values history, family, being a name not a number, and having the opportunity to explore all your areas of interest even outside your major, welcome to Pio Nation.

Anonymous, Student, Carroll University, Class of 2019

I think that a student is looking for a relaxed environment with a small atmosphere should most definitely attend Carroll University. The campus is enhancing their departments with new technologies and are growing tremendously. Students at Carroll University have a one-on-one contact with their professors who has the ultimate goal of helping you to succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Carroll University, Class of 2017

The person who loves to be close enough, yet far enough away from home. Everyone has a sense of pride in the school they attend because it's so small. It ends up being a small community where everyone knows each other.

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