What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Lincoln Memorial University?


Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2019

The top 3 things students do for fun at LMU are going to basketball games and cheering on our rail splitters, paticipting in campus wide events, and watching women's lacrosse games!

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2018

Lincoln Memorial University located in a small town located in Tennessee called Harrogate is both scenic and historic. I would say that being students of LMU we are the most creative because of the simple fact we live in a town that runs from one street light to the next, and believe it or not we come up with plenty to do! Lincoln Memorial is not only nestled in the Appalachians but it is also considered to be apart of the tri states. It's close neighbors are Kentucky and Virginia. This is great for anyone who likes the outdoors because of all the hiking trails in each one of these three states. From the Pinnacle which overlooks all three states, Cumberland falls, to White Rock and the Sand Caves. If you aren't so much the outdoors type and prefer to stay away from nature and you're into history well we have that too! As you read the name of the school I am sure that one man in particular crossed your mind, if not, his name is Abraham Lincoln. Our nation's sixteenth beloved president founded our school and we have a museum right on campus that makes us proud to wear his name and embrace the legacy he had. Lastly, we are forty five minutes away from Norris Lake, a place where many of us students find ourselves when we need to unwind mentally from the constant studying. On Norris Lake you will find Bubba Brews where there is a bar, live music, food, corn hole, pool tables and it's all on a boat! I don;t know about you but there honestly is no place I would rather be.

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2017

Hiking, work out at the fitness center, watch basketball games.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Anonymous, Student, Lincoln Memorial University, Class of 2020

I haven't started school there yet, but from what I can tell, the students like to go hiking, play Frisbee golf, and volleyball.

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