What is a typical Wesm Health/ Sports Medicine student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Wesm Health/ Sports Medicine.


Anonymous, Student, Wesm Health/ Sports Medicine, Class of 2016

Basically we are all different types of students, and we are accepted for being different. I say this because there is no typical student at our school; we all come from different worlds and we all have different stories to tell. Depending on who you hang out with because there are a few people at my school that are mean and going to talk about you, but that's in every school. So you ask me what its like for a typical student it feels like every time you walk in our school its like you went into a whole new world because everyday is different and the best part is you will always make friends at our school, our school believes that there is no child left behind and they mean it you'll find different paths but as long as you have people there that believe in you, you'll be on top of the world. Which you will always find people that believe in you.

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