Describe the type of student who should attend Valley High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Valley High School, Class of 2018

Responsible, Dedicated, and Motivated. This school is very rigorous and the academics can be really challenging. As there are two MAGNET programs one including IB the classes can be very tough. Overall I think that it is a really good and beneficial school to attend.

Anonymous, Student, Valley High School, Class of 2017

One that that want to to a farmer. This school does not have enough things for people who want high paying jobs.

Anonymous, Student, Valley High School, Class of 2017

Just like every school in America I believe that the type of person that should attend Valley High School is someone who cares. They don't have to be the most academically gifted students, but they should want to learn. This is important because people cannot learn more unless they are willing to do the learning.

Anonymous, Student, Valley High School, Class of 2017

Valley high school largely consists of country ish people. There are other students to and we all get well as high school students can get along. If an individual wants a very small school environment Valley high is the right school for them.

Anonymous, Student, Valley High School, Class of 2016

Motivated students are the ones who need to attend Valley High School. Many people complain about our school and say that it isn't a good school. I disagree! Valley High School offers a variety of classes at varying levels so all student needs are met. When it doesn't make sense, financially, for the school to offer a class, they work with local Institutions of Higher Learning to make sure that the higher level needs of their students are met...and the school covers the cost of these classes (for the most part). This is why I say motivated students are the students who need to attend Valley. If more motivated students went to school here, their needs would be met and the school would look better! I am a motivated student. I have given up studyhalls since my freshman year in order to take additional science classes. I also start my day during 0 hour in order to take part in the Jazz Band. I feel that I have attained a great education. I have already won one scholarship and hope to win several more because of my motivation to learn!

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