Describe the type of student who should attend Centennial High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2016

The student that would be most benefited at Centennial is someone who loves to grow and gain knowledge. It is an inspiring place that cultivates learning.

Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2019

I have recently moved to my new school in Texas, which is Centennial High School.And to go to my new school it really showed me you need dedication and motivation to be successful in work. But the most important thing that you need is , a really good work ethic. Centennial High School has lots of smart people that are willing to make a change in the world, but what I have realized is that the only thing that separates people from different schools to my school is the work ethic. Having a care about learning, shows that work ethic is in my school. And only a person who cares and is taking the time to take a initiative role should attend my school.

Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2016

The student who should attend Centennial High School is studious, dedicated, and willing to go the distance to complete a project or master a skill. Because the classes at Centennial are extremely rigorous, one must always be prepared.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Centennial High School

I enrolled in Centennial during the second semester of my 8th grade year. During my elementary years, my mother moved us every two years. Relentless bullying, because I was the new kid, often provoked me into violent behaviors in order to get the other students to leave me alone, I had developed some very destructive coping skills. In the second semester of my eighth grade year, I wanted to do anything to just get the pain of day to day life to change. My grandparents gave me that chance by offering me a home and a new school; a new start. My goal at Centennial High School was to just fit in and finally find a place of peace and acceptance. With the help of the teachers, guidance counselor, and my grandparents, I learned new coping skills. It took a few years to finally say that I have achieved my goals. I love Centennial High School, have made new friendships, and look forward to the future. What I found at Centennial was a great group of teachers that worked closely to ensure the success of their students. I believe that this atmosphere, which is exhibited by the whole faculty, spills over onto the student body and creates a supportive attitude for all students towards each other..

Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2016

In all honesty, any type of student who would get involved should attend CeHS. Centennial welcomes all types of students and we support each other, whether its football to the marching band, or DECA to theatre plays/musicals, we all support each other at what we do.

Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2016

The type of student that should attend Centennial High School is an interesting question. The student should be a well rounded individual, has high character, and studies to be the best. The student should strive to represent his family and community well. The student should have big dreams and the work ethic to achieve those dreams. The student should be open to new ideas and experiences to broaden their comfort zone. The student will need a big heart because there is a lot of love at Centennial High School.

Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2016

To attend Centennial you must be an open person. Open minded and open hearted. Centennial is a very diverse school. That is the reason I love it. When the bell rings and everyone is changing classes, you can see how diverse Centennial is. Being a part of a diverse school is very important to me. I am a firm believer that you can learn something from everyone regardless of culture, social status, or beliefs. Everybody has something to offer. I have seen first-hand, people dismissing or discounting something someone has said just because they were different or they thought they were smarter or better than the person. The teachers are also diverse. They come from different cultures and races. The teachers at my elementary school all looked liked "Ken and Barbie". I know some of the students could not relate to the teachers. Bad things do happen at Centennial, but welcome to the real world. Students have to be smart and stay out of trouble. If you are opened minded and want to learn, Centennial is the school for you.

Anonymous, Student, Centennial High School, Class of 2017

To describe a single type of student at Centennial would hurt the diverse reputation that this esteemed school has. I am proud to be a student at Centennial where students can find niches in academics, sports, clubs, theater and arts, and other activities. Centennial students are unique to themselves and cannot be described as one type.

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