Describe the type of student who should not attend Los Altos High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Los Altos High School, Class of 2017

If the student is unwilling to even show up to school at all, and they absolutely refuse any kind of help offered by the school, then they should seek help elsewhere in addition. But honestly, LAHS leaves no child behind. Everyone deserves a chance to be successful.

Anonymous, Student, Los Altos High School, Class of 2016

Los Altos High School is not right for the student who is not comfortable with relying on technology in every single class. Since LAHS established its Bring Your Own Device policy two years ago, nearly every class has students working on laptops every day. The Google Headquarters happens to be just a couple of miles away from the school, and they have supported the school in making this adjustment by providing enough Chromebooks to give to students who did not already have their own laptops. Because of this, there are no excuses not to work on the computer, and it is expected that we turn in assignments on Google Classroom, collaborate with classmates through Google Drive, and search online databases every day regardless of which class we are in. Indeed, the amount of notebooks I carry to school has been diminishing every year, and I hardly ever do work on paper anymore. This can be a big adjustment to some, and issues with staying focused on assignments while working on a computer don't often mix well with this new learning environment.

Anonymous, Student, Los Altos High School, Class of 2016

A selfish, arrogant, and lazy student should not attend Los Altos High school because a Los altos student would know to be kind and help others and to be open minded to learning which can only happen if one is humble. A lazy student is most unacceptable for a los altos student because hardworking and determination are two of the main keys to success.

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