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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Hiwassee College?


Anonymous, Student, Hiwassee College, Class of 2017

At Hiwassee College all the students support one another I myself play Baseball. Most of the students play some kind of sport weather it be Soccer,basketball,baseball etc. We also play Corn whole in the evenings. Hiwassee is a small school in a small town, so ther is not a whole lot to do in the town itself, most of the students just find things to do on campus, we play ping pong, pool fuseball etc. we also atend Church on campus.

Anonymous, Student, Hiwassee College, Class of 2018

At Hiwassee, entertainment can be a little slim due to our location. If you love horses, then you can often ride or train the horses on campus. If that is not your thing, then you can go to the gym. In the gym, you can use the weight room, play basketball, or even use the indoor batting cage. If electronics are something you enjoy, then you could go to the student life room and play on the xbox or even shoot pool or play ping pong. Outdoor activities are also always an option.

Anonymous, Student, Hiwassee College, Class of 2016

We hang out in the student center, play flag football on the quad, or have a movie night. i enjoy getting together with my friends and anything to do with music.

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