What is a typical City Middle/ High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend City Middle/ High School.


Anonymous, Student, City Middle/ High School, Class of 2016

For one City is a school full of diversity, from personalities to ethnicity. A typical City Middle/ High School student is above average in knowledge. The students around you all have dreams shooting for the stars. Honestly all these students are some of the hardest working I've ever seen. They absorb all the knowledge the teachers are giving and build off of it to make amazing essays. These students challenge their teachers about topics because they have a greater understanding and want their voice to be heard. The City Middle/ High School students not only have know a lot but they also help their community through volunteering, helping themselves through physical activity, and being creative. This is what it means to be a City Middle/ High School student which is what everyone here has achieved.

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