Describe the type of student who should attend Campbell University. Why?



The type of student who should attend Campbell University is one who loves attention, because the professors are compassionate and truly care about each student in every class. The student should enjoy having fun while participating in campus activities, for the Campus Activities Board, which I'm a member of, plans lots of interesting activities to keep the campus alive...even on weekends. The student isn't afraid to express their belief in God. Campus Ministry provides worship opportunities for every faith, and even requires every Freshman student to take a course, called Connections, that provides insight into each of the different religions. Finally, the type of student who should attend Campbell is ambitious and wants to succeed in achieving their academic goals, their career objectives, and in forming life-long relationships with other students who are proud to say they are a "camel".


A student who wants a medium sized college with a family atmosphere. The campus is not too big and it is not too small so you can see new people every day but you can still also become good friends with people and pass them walking to class.

Anonymous, Student, Campbell University, Class of 2019

Campbell University is a very prestige school. A student who is well-prepared for the college workload should attend Campbell. A student who has the mentality of academics first, partying second. Campbell University is all about engaging with other students or professors. A student who is social and willing to accept help should attend Campbell. Campbell University is a private christian institution. A student who has a religious beliefs should attend Campbell. A student who desires to succeed or make a difference, should attend Campbell. At Campbell University it's mission to help students succeed through its academics.

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