How hard would it be for an accomplished flute player to get accepted into the Music Education program at this school?


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That's a difficult question to answer definitively. Indiana State University has a music program for both undergraduates and graduates. If you are applying to the graduate program you will need to have an undergraduate degree as well as meeting other requirements. If you are applying to the undergraduate degree, you can view the application requirements on the school site.

Being an accomplished musician certainly won't hurt your chances for admission; however it does not guarantee it either. I would recommend reading the requirements carefully and making sure that you have the necessary materials, Another good option is to call the School of Music at 812-237-2771 to get a sense of its expectations.

If this school doesn't meet your needs, you can search for other colleges that offer music education on Noodle's search engine.

I hope that helps! Best of luck!

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