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What is a typical Salem High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Salem High School.


Anonymous, Student, Salem High School, Class of 2016

A typical Salem High School student is from a rich culture and background that they are eager to add to our mosaic of diversity. A typical Salem high school student is driven, focused, and ready to work hard at achieving their high ambitions. They participate in classes, extracurricular activities, and show pride in their school. They are kind and warm to everyone they encounter and work towards bettering the world for the future ahead.

Anonymous, Student, Salem High School, Class of 2016

With our school being so large with over two thousands students, our student population is really diverse. With such a diverse population, it's safe to say that a typical Salem High student would be true to themselves. With so many different activities offered anyone from the jocks, to the band geeks, to the cheerleaders, to even the anime nerds, can find their place, and this really allows Salem Students to be comfortable with themselves. A typical high school student can withstand the elements. From attending a campus type school with three different high school buildings combined to make one "Park" we have learned to be strong and deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at us. With the three different high schools being combined to make the Park, Salem students are also very competitive. We strive to do our best and we take pride in what we do. A typical Salem student is proud yet humble, strong yet understanding, smart but not conceited and anyone who attends Salem should strive to live up to the Salem pride.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Salem High School

There are all kinds of programs to get every person a chance to explore what interests them. It is a school that offers many opportunities to join clubs or other activities

Anonymous, Student, Salem High School, Class of 2016

A very creative and artistic person should attend Salem High School because it is home to the Visual and Performing Arts Academy.

Anonymous, Student, Salem High School, Class of 2016

The typical student is a good student who wants to do well. They are involved with their school and community.

Anonymous, Student, Salem High School, Class of 2015

People are hardworking, outgoing, and optimistic. My school is pretty small, so everyone knows everyone. I know as much as the girl sitting next to me in class than I do about my siblings.

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