What are the chances of a child transferring schools during the academic year? Will she/he be able to attend during that same year?


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The regular application deadline for Pathways College Preparatory School: A College Board is December 2. Applications are typically for the following school year, which means it may be difficult to transfer into Pathways mid-year. Another factor to consider are the school's admission priorities. Continuing 8th graders are given the highest priority, followed by Queens students who attend an information session, followed by NYC residents who attend an info session, followed by Queens students in general, followed by NYC students in general. This list may give you some idea of a particular student's chances of being accepted into the school. That said, your next step should be to contact the school directly so that you can explain any special circumstances or needs. Pathways can be reached at (718) 454-4957. For more information, consult the school website. Best of luck!

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