How many hours are involved in a full-day preschool program? What is the cost per week and do you require immunizations?


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Goddard School of Science and Technology offers a half-day preschool program; however, it doesn't specify how many hours that involves. Typically, half-day programs are 3-4 hours long.

I couldn't find the program's cost. It seems as though pre-k is offered to residents of the district, either on a sliding scale or free of charge for income eligible families. You should definitely call Laurie Kucza, the Early Childhood Facilitator, at 508-799-3628 for more information. Applications are available on the school district's early education page, which includes immunization requirements and other guidelines. On that same page you can learn about Head Start programs, which are early education programs for low-income families.

Check out this article for some ideas on paying for preschool. You can also search for other schools in the area on Noodle's search engine.

Best of luck in your search and feel free to ask a follow up if there's something you're still uncertain about!

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