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What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Victoria College?


helly han, student life

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Thanks for sharing information about Victoria. It's provide all facility for student. chase bank hours

Anonymous, Student, Victoria College, Class of 2017

Going to campus events that student services plans and organizes. Go to the sport center where you can play basketball, volleyball, tennis, or use the gym. Go to the student center where you can play pool, bean bag toss, and just hang out with friends. There is also have restaurants and vending machines to enjoy meals, snacks and drinks while you spend your time on campus.

Anonymous, Student, Victoria College, Class of 2019

  1. Play basketball at the recreation center
  2. Play volleyball at recreation center
  3. Play pool at recreation center
Anonymous, Student, Victoria College, Class of 2018

After classes we will go to the tutoring center and have a study session. After studying for and hour or to we go to the students center and watch T V or get on our lab tops. Some days we have games night. The student leaders will have set up projectors to play video games or watch movies on. There are snacks and drinks provided for us. The college has made it a fun and wonderful learning environment for us all.

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