What is a typical Waipahu High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Waipahu High School.


Anonymous, Student, Waipahu High School, Class of 2016

The student types in Waipahu High are mostly asians, so the students can speak many different languages. They work hard, friendly, and they are dreamers. They all set to their pathways and things they want to do when they are freshmen year. Type of person who should attend Waipahu High School is the person have to work hard. In our school, we have many programs that other schools don't have. We are the only school that have early college program. This program allow students to take college courses in their high school years. They will have credit for their transcript and credit for college courses. Also we have academies in our school that others don't have. We have academy of engineering, academy of health and science. natural resources academy, academy of information technology, academy of law and justice administration, academy of teacher education, more and more. Also about 30% students are immigrants, so you should be okay when you cannot understand what they say.

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