Describe the type of student who should attend Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Fayette Ware Comprehensive High School, Class of 2016

A strong, confident, but quiet student should attend Fayette Ware! Here, we have so many different personalities coming from students, teachers, and administrative staff. All of the different personalities means that you may never know what you face, therefore you have to be STRONG! Confident? I say that because again, the personalities. People like challenges and no one enjoys being the "wink link!" You have to let people know that you are not that person. You also have to be quiet. Sure, it's okay to be outgoing and have fun but you have to be content and on the look out. You never know what you will face and you never know what people may say. I love my school! The different people and backgrounds make it more interesting! Because of all of the personalities, you have a chance to become exposed to much more which can help in the future! No high school is perfect so why not chose the one that will never have you to question perfection?

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