Describe the type of student who should not attend Otay Ranch Senior High School and explain why.


Anonymous, Student, Otay Ranch Senior High School, Class of 2016

Otay Ranch "Mustangs" are some of the most respectable and well-known students within our district. When one interacts with an Otay Ranch Mustang one expects politeness, integrity, and most importantly respect. Any student that lacks such qualities, does not deserve to carry the title of an Otay Ranch Mustang. When interacting with superiors such as teachers or staff, students are expected to converse in a polite manner. If a student fails to do so, they will not be welcome by the teachers and staff of Otay Ranch. A Mustang is also expected to hold integrity in the form of honesty and high moral values. Mustangs are expected to be honest in their actions all while taking their strong moral beliefs into account. An individual who lacks such honesty or fails to demonstrate such high moral standards is not worthy of becoming a Mustang. The most important and cherished aspect of a student at Otay Ranch High School is respect. Teachers and staff expect the students to show respect to their elders and in return the teachers and staff show the same respect back toward the students. If a student lacks respect, it throws a wrench into this machine that has already been established and utilized for so long. An unrespectful student is intolerable at Otay Ranch High School, a school built around the basis of politeness, integrity, and respect.

Anonymous, Student, Otay Ranch Senior High School, Class of 2018

It is not acceptable to be a student who doesn't care about their future or expressing their true potential and attend school just because they are being told to. Although it will always be inevitable that there will be students like that, Otay Ranch High School has an amazing staff who are not only good at teaching the material but do so in a way that allows us to better prepare, and so if a student who rejects and does not cooperate with the staff who makes up this school, they do not belong at Otay Ranch.

Anonymous, Student, Otay Ranch Senior High School, Class of 2017

Work Hard! It's What We Do

Students whom aren't interested in studying hard and providing a foundation for their future should not attend Otay Ranch High School. This would create an unwanted environment for others who do want to focus on their dreams. It is increasingly important that students who do not want to challenge themselves don't attend Otay Ranch, as they offer several opportunities for progress. A student who blows off class and doesn't bother doing work shouldn't take away from other's learning experience. It sets a negative example for peers, and parents would not want their students to be influenced by someone with little to no aspirations for success. Achieving good grades by working hard and interacting with classmates as a whole another is part of a high school experience, and someone who isn't interested in contributing to a positive ambiance would not be an adequate fit for Otay Ranch High School.

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