Are there any full scholarships for children in foster care?


Michael Schoch, Noodle Intern

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I'm not sure which program at New Mexico Military Institute you're referring to; however, you can get a full list of funding opportunities for high school students as well as college students on the institute's website.

I also found a list outside scholarships for students who received foster care. The deadlines vary and you should check each scholarship individually to make sure that it is still active.

Another helpful resource is this article available on Noodle that offers tips on how to get scholarships at private schools

Lastly, You can always feel free to call the school directly at (505) 622-6250 and ask how previous students have received funding.

Best of luck!

Chris Peters, College funding options

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I would try researching different organizations that provides grants and unique scholarships you could use. Foster Care to Success is a great start for finding grants or scholarships for students in foster care. They partner up with different organizations and many foundations to help find scholarships.

Also check out They're also great with finding grants and finding options for college tuition.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!!

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