Describe the type of student who should attend Westview High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Westview High School, Class of 2016

They type of student who should attend Westview High School in San Diego should be the self-motivated and independent thinker. Westview gives students an uncommon amount of flexibility in selecting classes. The fast-paced 4x4 scheduling system also allows students to complete graduation requirements rather quickly. With this system, students may either go above and beyond the expectations by taking more advanced courses, or choose to stagnate after completing the bare minimum. Obviously, the type of student who would thrive in this environment would be the former. On the other hand, students should learn to be independent thinkers and develop their own passions. Unsurprisingly, there are indeed a lot of students who choose to take advanced courses; there are quite a lot of freshmen taking calculus! However, this type of competitive environment may prove to be toxic for students who allow other people's standards affect their own. Some students end up taking advanced classes they do not enjoy for the sake of taking advanced classes... or they may struggle with the advanced classes and experience problems with their self-worth. As such, the ideal Westview student should avoid following what is popular, and should instead focus on finding their own passion and growing it. They could take advanced classes that they are truly interested in, or invest their time and energy in a club they are genuinely passionate about. Westview does a great job at giving its students the tools and resources to succeed, but these resources only have worth when students see meaning in them.

Anonymous, Student, Westview High School, Class of 2016

What type of student should attend Westview High School? Any type. Westview is a school that works their very best to try and help all their students succeed. They are not looking for one particular type of student to help achieve their goals but rather as a whole, have all succeed.

Anonymous, Student, Westview High School, Class of 2015

Someone who is good at academics. It's highly competitive and everyone is academically focused. They can have other interests, but be ready to take 7 AP classes so you don't fall behind.

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