What is a typical Amherst Regional High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Amherst Regional High School.


Anonymous, Student, Amherst Regional High School, Class of 2016

Everybody in Amherst is unique. At any high school, there will always be a wide variety of people who attend, with no two people being the same. I would say that going to school in Amherst is a complete opposite of what the "typical high school experience" is deemed to look like based on movies are books. Many people would expect the typical jocks, the theatre nerds, the extremely smart kids, and the popular kids, but everyone in Amherst is a mix of at least two of those things. The environment allows everyone to be whoever they feel comfortable being, and the nonjudgemental, supportive mentality of the school teaches students to be respectful of all types of people. I would say that anyone attending high school in Amherst should have a good attitude, be a positive person, and be motivated to succeed. Most importantly, if you're nice to a student, they have no reason not to be nice back.

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