My daughter is in 8th grade and we have been having family problems at home she did not attend 7th grade and now is currently not in 8th grade would this be a good school for her to catch up?


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You are a very good parent who really cares about your daughter! That's cool! You do not need to worry about academic performance, as she will find a common language with her peers. As for studying, you can always find a tutor. A tutor who would pull up your daughter on any subject. You can hire a tutor online, at studydaddy it will be even cheaper because it will save your and your time. I used this service and he really pleased me. Good luck to you and your daughter, I hope this will help you.

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Hello! Recently I have read a really informative review about Sunrise Middle here. The staff seems to be professional and the parents leave only good reviews. I definitely think you should try.

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