What is a typical Santa Rosa Academy student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Santa Rosa Academy.


Anonymous, Student, Santa Rosa Academy, Class of 2016

A Santa Rosa Academy student is persistent, smart, and loving. All the people that attend my school are so kind, and they are some of the smartest students I have ever met. Santa Rosa really shapes their students and helps prepare them for college.

Anonymous, Student, Santa Rosa Academy, Class of 2016

Santa Rosa is a very competitive school, It goes from kinder garden to 12th grade. Each student is assigned their own personal laptop, so if you are no good with computers I wouldn't recommend going to this school. It is completely paperless. There are different "tracks" (red and blue). Red track students take a few to no classes on campus and the majority of their classes are online. They come in every Friday or Monday to meet with their EA( educational advisor) to review homework take quizzes and just check up on their work. Whereas blue track students have a full schedule, they come everyday and take all of their classes on campus.

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