Asked about: Milligan College

What are the top 3 things that students do for fun at Milligan College?


Anonymous, Student, Milligan College, Class of 2016

1.) "creek" friends that get engaged. If someone gets engaged friends kidnap them and take them down to the creek by the entrance of school and throw them in!

2.) throw water balloons off the balcony of buildings with a giant slingshot!

3.) "the buff run" a pack of Milligan students (usually athletes) run around campus buck naked!

Anonymous, Student, Milligan College, Class of 2019

At Milligan College the students love to 1) go to sporting events and cheer of our fellow Buffs as they compete against other school 2) hang out in the dorm rooms and talk and learn more about each other 3) playing sand volleyball on the court located on campus

Anonymous, Student, Milligan College, Class of 2018

Clubs and organizations such as CAB and ResLife create several activities for students to participate in. On Fridays, a group of students routinely play ultimate Frisbee. There are several good hiking trails not far from campus.

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