What is a typical Bastrop High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Bastrop High School.


Anonymous, Student, Bastrop High School, Class of 2016

The typical student that attends Bastrop High School is an apathetic, rude, and selfish criminal. Not all students represent this profile, but the majority of the students unfortunately speak for the school and its reputation.

Anonymous, Student, Bastrop High School, Class of 2015

A typical student at Bastrop High School is someone with pride and ambition. We don't like to be called "quitters' or 'lazy', we prefer 'brave' and 'outgoing'. Students take pride in our tiny town because it has given us the opportunity to achieve great things in our future. It has shown us how to become successful men and women. It has shown us that you are never a quitter if you keep reaching for your goals. It has shown us that it's okay to lose some because in order to know how to win, you must learn how to lose. Bastrop High School has shown me that you have to work for what you really want in this world, and that if you work hard enough, you will become the best person you could be. If you strive for greatness, and you are one who never gives up, than Bastrop High School is the place for you. We build the foundation for today, tomorrow, and for life.

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