What are the top 3 reasons someone should attend Concordia University-Chicago?


Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Chicago, Class of 2017

Concordia offers fantastic degree programs, especially in Music, Education, Theatre, and English.

Concordia is a Lutheran university where all religions are welcome, but we have a foundation of tradition in which we offer chapel services, and many worship opportunities.

Concordia is a half hour train ride away from the city of Chicago which offers many opportunities to college students to see and hear.

Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Chicago, Class of 2018

  1. The people are so friendly, I am not just saying this cause I needed another reason but if you ask people at my school why'd you stay Concordia Chicago. I bet more than 90% of people would just say it's because of the people.

  2. Everyone is open and accepting of everything, it does not matter weather you are white, black, catholic, lutheran, atheist, in theater, or an athlete everyone except you for you.

  3. The professors and staff are amazing in what ever they do. Their main goal is to watch the students succeed and they are willing to help you in any way possible.

Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Chicago, Class of 2018

The tradition of excellence in the school as well as the staff would be the number one quality. The quality of education, and availability of course and degree options are also a big benefit to the college.

Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Chicago, Class of 2017

Three reason someone should attend Concordia University-Chicago are: for the professors, our campus organizations and ministries, and our career services. Our professors are personable and willing to help all students, the professors here have actual real world experience in the field of study they teach. Concordia's campus organizations and ministries are very student-oriented and student-led, so the students have a huge voice in what happens at Concordia. In addition, Concordia's directors of our career services are very hands on when it comes to helping all students with on campus and off campus jobs and internships, that's why 90% of Concordia's graduates are either employed in a career of their field of study or in a graduate program.

Anonymous, Student, Concordia University-Chicago, Class of 2018

The first reason that people should attend Concordia University Chicago is because of it's proximity to downtown Chicago. It is a short 15 minute train ride into the loop. It is close to the city, but still in a nice small town. The second reason to attend school at Concordia is because of the community. Concordia is a very small school and because of this there is a strong sense of friendship across the campus. You see a familar face everywhere you go. The third reason to attend Concordia is because of how small the campus is. It takes about five minutes to get from one side of campus to the other. There is a short walk out outdoors because of this and the fact that some buildings are connected. This comes in handy when dealing with the extreme Chicago climate.

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