What is a typical Health Careers High School student like? Describe the type of person who should attend Health Careers High School.


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They don't know how to sleep anymore. My friend has so big eye bags that they can accommodate a real potato each. And that's not the end of their education. At least they are taught that some medicines can help them. And they purchase them here. It maintains students a bit.

Anonymous, Student, Health Careers High School, Class of 2016

Since Health Careers High School is such a prestigious and highly recognized high school in the community and state-wide, it is merely crucial that students obtain key characteristics and morals throughout the four years. Among these characteristics, responsibility, respect, and basic social qualities are placed more highly than others for primal interaction with the student body as a whole. Current students of Health Careers carry these very characteristics with them on a daily basis and further strive to accomplish common goals. Responsibility is key at this campus because students are given far more responsibility compared to other public high schools due to the extensive rigor that Health Careers creates for its students. It is the students responsibility to be prepared for incoming assignments as well as tests, quizzes, and any other academic responsibilities and keep all materials in an organized manner. Likewise, respect is also greatly enforced at this high school because we are privileged to have an accepting student body and faculty towards many social values and cultures and respect towards one another's beliefs and morals is greatly administered and appreciated at this campus. Furthermore, basic social and cognitive abilities are crucial in helping students make meaningful relationships and further aid in the overall success of the high school experience.

Anonymous, Parent of student at Health Careers High School

A Health Careers student is just like any other student. However, we tend to be a lot more studious because we have a heavier workload than other schools. Considering the courses offered at our school, we also know a lot of medical basics such as medical terminology and some anatomy and physiology as well as patient care techniques.

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