Would you recommend attending Carmel Catholic High School if you had the choice? Why or why not?


Anonymous, Student, Carmel Catholic High School, Class of 2016

This is a hard question because as I answered in the question before, the school is not for everybody. I was once put in a similar situation when a student who went to the same public, middle school as I asked me what he should do. I talked to the student for a while and asked him some questions about the type of student he is and what he expects from a school. I ended up relating my own life to his because I found out that he is very similar to me. He told me that he takes his education seriously, but at the same time he likes to talk in class and enjoy every day as much as possible. I ended up telling him that if I could i would probably have went to the public school instead of Carmel because it is hard to leave your friends and because Carmel is very strict and not as open minded as a public school.

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