Describe the type of student who should attend Lakewood High School. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Lakewood High School, Class of 2018

 If you want to be ahead of the rest of the kids your age, you want to challenge yourself, and you want to learn the skills to be successful in a world dominated by technology, then Lakewood High School's Center for Advanced Technologies, or the CAT program, is the right school for you.
 Not only do we offer honors and AP courses in various subjects, such as AP calculus (AB and BC) and AP chemistry, we have lots of technology centered classes. For those students that want to pursue engineering, our program has one of the best robotics classes in the state of Florida. You get to learn all about mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and even create the code to tell the robots you make what to do. 
 We also have programming classes, which are required in the CAT curriculum. CAT students are provided with their own windows tablets to help them with their schoolwork, loaded with programming tools. As a freshman you get your Microsoft office certifications. In sophomore year you take the fundamentals of programming, and get your certification for that. After that year, you choose what class you are interested in. Do you want to take AP computer science, or cyber security? Some people take both! In senior year, we have a very special class for those who have the prerequisite classes. Our school has four Oculus Rifts at our disposal, and have a class all about developing games to work with the device. There aren't many high schools that can say the same. 
 The students who want to attend Lakewood should have a passion for all of these. Lakewood is a  school with an emphasis on technology, and it will give the people who want to pursue a career in this area the jump start they need.
Anonymous, Student, Lakewood High School, Class of 2018

The type of student who should attend Lakewood High School, specifically the CAT program is a dedicated, hardworking student who isn't interested in taking the easy way out of school but likes challenges and always ready to learn, someone who takes their academics seriously.

Anonymous, Student, Lakewood High School, Class of 2016

The ideal type of student to attend Lakewood High School would be a hard worker with a lot of school spirit. As a student at Lakewood, they would attend the games played by all of our sports teams, and participate in extracurricular clubs. They would not need any specific interests since there are so many clubs available, from programming to fishing. It would not matter if a student was intelligent or athletic, feisty or patient, since every student has a gift, and every gift has a use. If they really wanted to, they could even make their own club.

Anonymous, Student, Lakewood High School, Class of 2017

The type of student who is ready for challenges such as AP and honors courses. Also the student who prefers regular courses. Students who want to succeed in the pathway/small learning community they are in and also wants as many opportunities as possible.

Anonymous, Student, Lakewood High School, Class of 2016

If you like a very small school this is the right place. My graduating class is only about 200 kids and about 800 kids total in the school. Almost everyone you see in the halls is a person you know on a personal level. It is great to know every kid you walk by because it is so easy to talk to everyone. Being such a small school, everyone feels like family. Our schools big motto is "Lakewood Love." If you like knowing everyone and being close with so many people this is the right place for you because everyone feels like family.

Anonymous, Student, Lakewood High School, Class of 2016

Honestly, any type of student can and should attend Lakewood High School. We have amazing teachers that really care about their students, and great programs. We have a West Shore program, that gives students the chance to become both career and college ready, as well as a wide variety of AP classes for advanced students. It is a very open and accepting environment, and there will always be a club or group of people that you will relate to.

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