What was your experience at Carnegie Mellon University?


rajsh, Carnegie Mellon University

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Anonymous, Grad Student at CMU '05

I went to graduate school at CMU so my answer may not apply to everyone but I do think my experience characterizes the culture of the school. Most of my education has been so focused on remembering, reciting, and regurgitating someone else's ideas in an effort to prove that I've "learned" something. CMU was the first school I went to that enforced the concept that learning must be accompanied by doing. You must get out in the world and interact. You should observe, build, try, fail and then make it better. For me, CMU was the best "learning/doing" experience I've had in education. My favorite class was a seminar taught in the Design department called Rhythm Across Disciplines. We used the concepts of rhythm in art, music, design to understand patterns in our own disciplines. As someone who works mostly with numbers, it was fascinating. After that class, I approach data with an deeper insight that has helped me achieve success in my field.

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