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I'm an Egyptian IGCSE student and I'm finishing my first 4 O-levels. I wanted to know what subjects are required for Duke University?


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The IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) is not as prevalent in the United States as in the United Kingdom and elsewhere in the world, but it is still a valid (and highly regarded) course of study.

As you can see on Duke's Noodle profile, it is a highly selective school and the rigor of your secondary school curriculum is a highly important admissions consideration. However, according to the Duke admissions website, there are no minimum requirements for GPA or standardized test scores, but they recommend you "enroll in the best available and most challenging courses." As for class subjects, they expect:

  • English/Language Composition (4 years)
  • Math (3+ years)
  • Natural Sciences (3+ years)
  • Foreign Language (3+ years)
  • Social Studies (3+ years)
  • for students interested in Engineering, you should take Physics and Calculus

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