Asked about: Walsh University

Describe the type of student who should attend Walsh University. Why?


Anonymous, Student, Walsh University, Class of 2017

Students looking for a Catholic University of distinction will feel at home at Walsh University. Student looking for a faith based education in a small community setting will fit right in. Top majors on campus include healthcare studies, education, nursing and business. Walsh offers a number of services to students. The career center, student service center, tutoring center, campus ministry and counseling services all strive to help Walsh students to be the best they can be. Class sizes are small and professors care about the students on an academic and personal level. They desire to see students succeed, you are never just a number. Mass is offered at the chapel daily. Campus life is never dull as the University Programing Board continually puts on student led activities and events. As a division 2 school in the GLIAC, athletes are eligible for scholarships and have access to a fully equipped weight room, therapy room and trainer facilities. Students will always run into friendly faces at Walsh University.

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