Which 3 extracurricular activities at Encampment K - 12 School are most popular? Which extracurriculars would you recommend?


Anonymous, Student, Encampment K - 12 School, Class of 2016

The three most popular extra-curricular activities at Encampment k-12 School are Volleyball, Basketball, and Track. Out of the three, I would recommend Volleyball and Track. I have personal experience with both sports in Encampment k-12 School, unlike with Basketball. I transferred from Saratoga Middle/High School after I have switched from Basketball to Speech. (Speech isn’t a very popular extra-curricular activity at Encampment k-12 school. Only a couple kids in the entire school do it.) Volleyball and Track are great sports to get involved in at Encampment k-12 School. Having personal experience in Volleyball and Track, I know that the other participants in both sports are extremely supportive. Coming from my small school where everyone knows everyone, kids are more likely to be friends. This leads to support in the extra-curricular activities kids participate in. Kids motivate their teammates and help others pursue their goals. This kind of support in the teams helps teams work together better. Another advantage that comes with teammates supporting each other and working together as a group is the team becomes closer. In every team sport I have been in at Encampment k-12 School, the team is more like a family of extremely close friends. New kids coming into a sport are accepted into the team friend group. This bond between the participants of a sport is strengthened by team bonding exercises enforced by the coaches of the teams. These factors lead to the players working together and better team work. Lastly, both Volleyball and Track are extremely competitive sports. The participants in both sports work hard to better themselves and to achieve greatness in the sports. In Volleyball, the team works hard to achieve their goal of winning first place at state. This has been an ultimate goal of ours for years. In track, participants work hard to better their personal records (PR’s) and to qualify for state. Track presents the challenge of personal development through individual determination and hard work. Track runners learn to compete for themselves and not their team as a whole to accomplish greatness. Both sports show a high level of competitiveness in players who strive to exceed. Encampment k-12 School is an institute that pushes for athletic achievers. The best extra-curricular activities to join, in my personal opinion, are Volleyball and Track; although Basketball is also a very popular sport. Both sports present an opportunity to be supported by your teammates, develop strong, lasting bonds that make the team more like a close family of friends, and help students develop a strong sense of competitiveness to help them achieve greatness in these sports. For these reasons, I strongly believe the best of the most popular extra-curricular activities at Encampment k-12 School are Volleyball and Track.

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